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Amy Erickson, CEO

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Developing people to lead for greater impact
Capacity4Good works at the intersection of change, where people and plans merge, utilizing a strengths-based focus to help people and organizations flourish.

Do you feel like you are constantly having to adapt to new ideas and methods? This can be challenging, whether it’s at the executive, program, board, or administrative level.

During these times of transition
, leading yourself, your team and your organization can be challenging. Generally, it's relationships that impact this -- in fact, 70% of workplace challenges are people related. 

If you want to take people to the next step to successfully lead change, convey your vision, and build collaborations,
contact Capacity4Good Consulting. We will provide a tailored solution to help you, your organization,  community or coalition achieve your desired impact.

Typical results from working with Amy and Capacity4Good:

» Greater sense of leading oneself, which leads to improved ability to lead others

» Higher levels of employee engagement

» Increased influence
for staff and leaders

» Increased CollaborationQ

» Alignment of  individual strengths and business outcomes

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My philosophy:
We are each capable of having tremendous impact once we know our strengths and have the capacity to use them daily in our work.

Sustaining yourself as a leader means intentionally finding and practicing the habits and rituals that give life to your vital self, those which keep you engaged with your enduring leadership vision.
Amy Erickson

CEO, Capacity4Good