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"It's not the answer that enlightens, but the question."
 Eugene Ionesco

"As a result of my peer coaching group, I've discovered my management style and how it impacts my work and work relations.

I also learned that my workplace frustrations and challenges were shared by many. Multiple viewpoints, questions, and discussions allowed us to better cope with these situations and learn from them.

My participation has resulted in an increase in my workplace effectiveness, productivity, and confidence. I looked forward to these meetings and was able to bring back tools and methods that I and my busy office have benefited from. I am a better leader and manager as a result."

Matt Ozuna
Whitman College
Interim Director of Intercultural Center Programs and Services
Where does leadership development begin?
It starts when we intentionally find and practice the habits and rituals that give life to our vital self, and keep us engaged with our enduring leadership vision.

We are constantly faced with the need to adapt to the multiple demands and changes of our work, home and environment. We need to find ways to lead ourselves through transitions that come with each change.

Create your own leadership development strategy. You will start with your own theory of intentional change and a way to manage and lead yourself. Because leading is a process -- not a position, you will increase self-awareness as you develop your own leadership growth process.

Amy will guide you to create this process based on wise-mind leadership:

For individuals:
The techniques, processes and tools I use include individual emotional intelligence coaching.

For individuals in teams and organizations:
  • Peer Group Coaching - I facilitate groups of 5-7 peers who meet to develop their individual leadership strengths while working through their unique challenges. Each member learns to coach by asking powerful questions and is in turned coached by their peers.
I was trained in this method by the country's top peer coaching and action learning authority Carter McNamara. At the foundation of peer coaching is action learning; but the two are slightly different.
Watch a video about peer coaching.

  • Action learning coaching - This process, which is also based on powerful questions, helps individuals develop as leaders because they develop greater problem solving skills and capacity to work through change that can transform them, their team and their organization in real time
How do these two processes work to develop leaders? Leadership studies have found that the most effective leaders take time to reflect, develop greater self awareness and then adapt. Both types of groups have these elements at their core -- participants reflect on the urgent issue and are willing to challenge their assumptions, adapt to what they learn, and then take action.

How are these processes similar?
At the heart of peer coaching group process is the action learning model. Action learning
is an "ongoing, highly focused process among group members that includes members helping each other to solve current, real-world problems -- and learn at the same time. The learning comes primarily from the learner's continued actions toward current, real-world goals in their lives or work and from continued reflection on those actions," according to Carter McNamara.

The difference? This is related to the nature of the challenge or problem. In action learning, the group is coached to reframe and solve a problem that is urgent and has no known solution. In peer coaching, each person brings to the group their individual challenge. There also is a difference in the composition of the groups.