“It is in our nature to seek purpose.”Daniel Pink


Finding purpose is the best way to describe how I arrived at this stage of my work and life. By working with me you too can discover your purpose and a pathway for change -- personally and for your organization.



Your purpose. Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi calls this "flow," where our talents, skills and passions converge and our work and life have meaning. 

In my many years as a professional working for major corporations, large and small nonprofits, community groups and a government agency, I have come to realize that we are each capable of having tremendous impact once we know our strengths and have the capacity to use them daily in our work. 

This is why I have I have honed my strengths of strategic focus and curiosity combining them with empathy, humor and creativity in my work with clients. 


I am currently developing a documentary film on healing trauma through therapeutic theatre inspired by my research on ACES, my own healing journey via performance.

Research based consulting
I infuse my work with years of research on resilience, interpersonal neurobiology, intentional change, and emotional intelligence to help my clients achieve the transformation they seek. 

I also bring a panoramic view to my work, gleaned from roles as a marketing communications specialist, public relations director, and grant writer and from my work with a private grant making foundation. Prior to my work in the nonprofit sector, I worked with the Washington State Dairy Products Commission and as a client relations analyst with Ford Motor Company.  

I am a 2009 graduate of Seattle University’s Master of Nonprofit Leadership (MNPL) program and have a BA in Consumer Economics. I also am a certified emotional intelligence coach through Multi Health Systems, Inc. In my master's work, I created a model for intentional change that focused on aligning individual leader competencies with organizational strategy. This is based on the work of Richard Boyatzis, professor in the psychology and organizational behavior departments of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. 

I recently was fortunate to study and complete a certificate in Appreciative Inquiry with David Cooperrider and Ronald Fry at Case Western Reserve's Weatherhead School of Management.

I continue to incorporate mindfulness practices in my work. The work of Daniel Siegel has been profoundly inspirational and transformative for me! 


Most recently, two of my favorite projects were developing the Resilience Trumps ACES website for the Children's Resilience Initiative and launching the Walla Walla Leaders Network (WWLN). WWLN was an online leadership development community. 


Amy helped us move our vision of a community conversant in ACEs and resilience forward by guiding our team’s work on a theory of change and an outcomes map, key elements of our foundational work in moving from theory to action. Amy also provided her expertise in marketing strategies which helped us evaluate teaching tools we created for parents and providers. She also played a major role in framing our website is recognized for its one-stop shop of resources, information and community response to this vital information.                  

Teri Barila, Coordinator

                   Walla Walla Community Network



My early days as a consultant!