Join me in this final stage of Visceral’s production!


We’re creating the music and artistic elements that will help illustrate the important stories in this film. But we need you!  


Please consider making a donation here. If you would like your gift to be tax deductible, we can do that through the film's fiscal sponsor From the Heart Productions. Please email me for details. 

Thank you!

Amy Erickson

Visceral tells the stories of people who are living with the physical & emotional impact of post-traumatic stress. When traditional therapies alone don't help, they turn to the tools of acting, performance, dance and music to experience a transformative unlocking of the trauma in their bodies. They take action to move forward with their lives in a way they couldn’t before. To be released in Spring, 2020.

Producer/Director -- Amy Erickson

Amy brings 28-years of experience in social impact work to this documentary. She was inspired to create this film after discovering how her own developmental trauma led to her physical and emotional health challenges as an adult. She experienced a transformation when she began performing on stage and in film in her late 40s. 


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